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*please note: sessions can be schedule in office in San Diego or via Skype or Phone, selection made during scheduling

Angel Card or Intuitive Reading & Healing $150/ 60min & $200/ 90mins

Angel Cards were created by Hay House's famed author/healer Doreen Virtue. With all the love and blessings of our Angels infused into their messages, Angel Card readings can be a powerful and profound experience for those who receive them. Joy, as an intuitive channel, uses Angel Cards in combination with her own intuition and connection to guides and angels, to help answer pressing questions such as "what are my next steps", "what life purpose would make me happiest" or "why haven't I found love yet" and to identify and gently help you to heal that which impedes your personal progress towards your own happiness.

Intuitive Coaching/ Reading/ Healing $150/ 60min & $200/ 90mins

In intuitive coaching and healing, we start with an intuitive reading to identify your specific personal objectives. You may already know what they are or you may still be searching. The intuitive reading can help reveal additional guidance or clarity and answers. In my approach to intuitive reading and healing, I do not encourage dependency on a psychic or intuitive channel to make decisions for you. You must hold yourself accountable to make choices for your own greatest good. This is why intuitive coaching sessions can be so powerful- because they support the idea that one can become independently intuitive and perhaps develop their own psychic abilities if they choose. I believe that if you find an intuitive session helpful, get another one, but only after you have processed and implemented the guidance you have already received.

Coaching differs from counseling because we focus on specific areas that you have identified or that we reveal in an intuitive session. The use of grounding and meditation techniques helps develop personal intuition, creating opportunities to make choices in favor of your highest and greatest good.

Over the time we work together, we will revisit your objectives to insure progress is being made, identify new challenges that present and evaluate next steps. We will actively work at uncovering blocks, cords, patterns and releasing resistance that may be getting in the way. Growth a dynamic process and you will keep refining your objectives along the way. I will provide support throughout the process and valuable insights as an intuitive channel and professional healer. As you develop your own insights, heal your life or work towards your inner Zen, intuitive coaching assists you in continuously moving towards your highest and greatest good- your best life: body, mind, spirit.